Repair Services

Beaudry Electric is a full repair service provider.  We are a local and national repair center for all brand of Motors, Holding Brakes, and Rewinding services.

Equipment we service:

AC/DC Motors

  • AC/DC Brush + Brushless Motors
  • High Speed spindle motors and spindles
  • Water jacket cooled motors
  • Magnetic coil rewinding & design

AC/DC Brush + Brushless Servo Motors

  • State of the art precision test equipment
  • Load testing
  • Feedback device testing for encoders, resolvers, hall effect devices, and tachometers
  • Brake coil rewinding and potting
  • Precision high speed balancing
  • Motor sealing for dirty environments
  • Servo Motor Retrofits
  • Replace high maintenance brush type motors with brushless servo motors: increase performance, minimize maintenance & downtime


Rewinding Services

  • Class H Nomex Insulation
  • Inverter duty wire – Standard
  • Dolph’s class R polyester varnish
  • Computerized winding verification
  • Winding encapsulation
  • 1-year warranty on all rewinds

Power transmission

Computerized Precision means long lasting repairs

  • Balanced better than NEMA tolerances
  • Surge Testing with Report
  • Small Rotor Rebarring