About Us

Beaudry Electric Motors has been providing Southeast Wisconsin quality electric motor and gear reducer repair using the highest quality parts and services since 1979. We have earned the reputation of providing both quality and fast service on all types of electric motors and gear reducers. We will determine the root cause for the failure and make improvements that will exceed the OEM standards.

History of Beaudry Electric Motors Company

beaudry-exteriorThe roots of Beaudry Electric Motors began in 1928 by Harvey J Beaudry father of Robert Beaudry. Harvey J Beaudry, a First World War US Naval veteran, trained and served 12 years as an electrician’s mate. After his discharge in 1924, Harvey then attended Milwaukee School of Engineering while working for the Milwaukee Electric street car transit system rebuilding electric street car motors. Shortly out of engineering school in the spring of 1928 Harvey was offered employment by his uncles whom owned and operated Beaudry and Beaudry engineering. Home based in Chicago, IL.. Harvey Beaudry then accepted and moved to Sheboygan Wisconsin to head up several large electrical projects such as the Sheboygan Theater, Sheboygan street car power and lighting station and the Sheboygan 8th street bridge motor upgrades. After the completion of several projects and onset of the Great Depression Harvey chose to settle down in Sheboygan rather then return to Milwaukee.

Harvey then hired on as president and general manager for the Pen Electric Co. Pen Electric an electrical contracting, motor and power service Co. operating in Sheboygan. With the outbreak of the Second World War as a reservist Harvey was recalled to active duty with the US Navy until the summer of 1945. Harvey then returned to Sheboygan taking on several employment opportunities and in the summer of 1950 creating Industrial Electric Motors and Engineering Co.

beaudry-interiorAs a young boy Robert grew up in and around the electric motor business. In the summer 1960 Son Robert began working part time in the family business as an apprentice electrician and motor winder for the next five years. After receiving his draft notice Robert enlisted in the US Navy in the fall of 1965. Robert served as an electricians mate rebuilding and training others on electric motor principals and repair aboard the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal CVA 59.

In the fall of 1966 Harvey Beaudry passed away leaving the company to his wife Mrs Caroline Beaudry and younger brother Wallace J Beaudry. Resulting from the passing of Harvey the company was forced to close the engineering depart and drop the word engineering from the company name as for no longer having an licensed engineer on payroll.